Content Marketing

its about creating content that your target audience wants to engage with!

There are three types of media – owned, earned and paid. Content marketing utilises the strength of owned and earned media, to reduce the reliance on paid media.

So, what do we mean by each type?

1. Owned media – these are the channels that you build and publish (your events, web site or blog)
2. Earned media – these are the channels where people share your content with their readers and followers. Historically, this was PR through journalists, but increasingly brands are relying on customers sharing your content with their peers through social media. Brands also try to influence influencers, such as industry experts, bloggers, YouTubers or celebrities with large social media followings.
3. Paid Media – these are the paid for advertising channels (TV ads, trade press ads or sponsoring someone else’s event or conference, for example)

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